one conversation: ‎”hey eugene, want to take a picture of steve…sitting on a couch…on the beach…oh and the couch is on fire?” one reply: “heck ya!”

so the initial concept was to soak one side of the couch in lighter fluid in order to get a nice flame and leave the other side untouched, so that steve could safely sit on that side and we can get some nice shots. sounds good (in theory). after soaking one side of the couch the guys began to light the couch. with a small flame going they step away from the couch and steve sits on it…the first frame is what happened.

the photo is a bit blurry because i wasn’t ready for the shot but snapped it after seeing that steve was on fire…sometimes things don’t go according to plan…he stopped, dropped, and rolled and other than some burned hair and eye lashes he’s ok…close one though.

here are the rest of the photos. enjoy :)

  1. Olya
    10.14.2010 : 17.15

    wow…great quality! :)

  2. zhanna
    04.13.2011 : 00.14

    lol! what a great idea! :) shots turned out amazing!

    • eugene
      04.13.2011 : 00.15

      Thank you!

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