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A while back Skip and Lori won a social media contest I set up. After a few rescheduled dates due to weather – we finally made it out to Smith Rock! We had such a fun time.

Check out some of my favorite shots:

  1. Lori Spencer
    08.28.2014 : 01.07

    Umm. These look AMAZING! Seriously! For the flop of a wedding photographer we had, these totally make up for it!! :D

  2. Diana Pugach
    08.28.2014 : 01.18


  3. Christina Spencer
    08.28.2014 : 05.18

    These are beautiful! “Happy Anniversary!” … this was a great way to reflect your first year!

  4. Mary Alldritt
    08.29.2014 : 17.57

    Beautiful photos that truly capture the beauty of the love the Spencers have for each other. Well done!

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