by Tanya Wollstein

Eugene is a wonderful photographer. His images are beautiful and creative. He is reliable and communicates well. I highly recommend him. He is everything anyone could want in a photographer. I love the images he created for my engagement and wedding. Hire him!

by Colby Martin

Dear parents with kids (wait, are there OTHER types of parents?? Never mind...), have you ever tried to get family photos? Worst time of your life, right? All kids have a built-in program to melt down, refuse to cooperate, forget how to smile, and generally decide that Family Picture Day will drive you crazy. Eugene GETS that, and he knows it's all good. That's what my wife and I loved most about Eugene. Rather than getting annoyed or impatient at our kids-who-hate-looking-happy-when-cameras-are-on, Eugene worked alongside our whole family to capture us just as we are, and to help everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. Our family left the photo shoot thinking, "there's NO way he got ANY good shots. What a hot mess we were!" But then, when we saw what he captured?! Oh sweet mercy, it was incredible. The color. The humanity. The timing. The form. Everything. We loved it. And we loved Eugene. Five stars, baby!

by Chad Montgomery

I have no hesitation in writing this review for Eugene. In fact i'm delighted to share my experience. When my wife initially asked me if we could hire a top notch photographer for our wedding, I was a bit skeptical. Once we met with Eugene and reviewed what she wanted, I became a little more excited to capture moments in time of our special day. His portfolio was amazing and he is a genuine, respectful and talented individual. Once he showed up for our big day I knew we had made the perfect choice. Instantly Eugene started mingling and making new acquaintances, conversing with family members and getting to know everyone. (This may not seem all that important, but when you're in the moment, things are busy and nerve racking. You don't want to worry about your photographer not getting hosted by anyone). Eugene took pictures of each step of our day, catching some priceless moments in an almost invincible way. He was always on point and getting everyone to laugh, smile and enjoy our day with us. Summing up the entire review, when you hire Eugene you are paying for a priceless experience with a talented photographer and great human being. He is truly a professional at his craft and you will not regret hiring him for any occasion, you never want to forget.

by David Ganchenko

Eugene is probably the most reliable and professional person I know. We had a blast working with this guy. The pictures he took of our wedding and later of our family was worth every penny! I'd highly recommend him to anyone seeking a legit photographer!

by Trevor Winsor

Eugene was excellent. He not only was a great photographer but he was also an excellent resource for us. We loved and were thrilled to have him o our engagement and wedding photography. I will highly recommend him to anyone and everyone I can. He gives attention to what needs attention and makes the process very easy and simple. Loved his work!

by Sandra Franks

You won't regret choosing this guy as your photographer for any occasion! He goes above and beyond and the pictures come out beautiful! Well worth it!

by Shir Ma

Gifted, friendly and attentive.

by Sasha Bizeau

Eugene has been our family photographer for a few years now. He also has taken photos for our business. We cannot say enough about his work. His ability to capture life's moments is incredible. We are blown away every time!

by Jessi Huffman

Eugene Pavlov was by far, the most valued investment of our wedding (besides the marriage license :) If I was asked to eliminate all wedding spending and purchases except one, I solemnly swear, I would have kept my photographer and it would have been Eugene. The look of the photos during the engagement and wedding day were very important to me - I wanted them to be natural, candid, creative, and artistic. Eugene's photos are all those things and more. Eugene himself was extremely professional and confident, while remaining sensitive to what we as the clients wanted and who we were as people. Four years later I look back at these photos and see all the beautiful parts of the day, and even more, the captured feeling of my husband and I together. I believe this is a rare quality. I would recommend Eugene's unique and creative photography-art without hesitation.

by Janel Ackerman Bennett

We have worked with Eugene many times over the past several years and are always impressed with the quality of his work. His photographs are well though out, creative and stunning. He is easy to work with, patient and incredibly talented. We are very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Eugene as much as we have in the past and look forward to working with him again.

by Logan Martin

Eugene Pavlov is hands down the BEST photographer in the area. My wife and I are artists/photographers/videographers ourselves...and so we are ULTRA picky when it comes to the quality/creativity of our family photos. We NEVER have to worry with Eugene. He has shot our family almost a half a dozen times now, and every single time is incredible. He captures the craziness in a way that only a true professional can. A perfect mix of staged and candid shots that beautifully encapsulate our family. Our entire home is riddled with family photos, framed, blown up, stretched on canvases and hung everywhere. Every single one was taken by Eugene. Thank you, Eugene, for giving our family these precious memories. You are the best.

by Igor Bogun

Eugene is great at what he does! He is very gifted photographer who has a great ability to make one feel very natural and real. He in turn is able to capture one's personality. You will not regret!

by Melanie Normand

Eugene is an awesome person and an amazing photographer! He is so funny and put us at ease so our photos were natural and really who we are. He has really mastered the art of photography. I do not consider myself photogenic and was hesitant to get my pictures taken but he made me look amazing and I am proud to display the pictures of my husband and I. Eugene is hilarious and if he can't make you laugh then nothing can and you're awful. Did I mention he is always dressed on point and very put together? Book him!

by Ruvim Samoilich

Eugene Pavlov is extremely talented with photography. My wife and I were privileged to work with Eugene as our wedding photographer. Eugene scheduled a time and location for our engagement shoot and wow were we amazed. The photos came in a timely fashion and were beautiful. He goes above and beyond to get shots that you will rarely see with other photographers. Before our wedding day, Eugene had planned out every step and detail, with my wife and I in mind, and made sure we were all on the same page. It could not have gone any better. Eugene did a great job including family, friends, special moments among many other important aspects of our special day. I HIGHLY recommend Eugene Pavlov Photography to anyone who is planning a wedding and needs a talented photographer.

by Michelle Barkmeyer

Working with Eugene was an amazing blessing. He photographed my wedding day perfectly, leaving nothing out. After seeing his work previously, I knew he was the only one I wanted to create lasting memories for our family to look back upon and relive the love and joy of that date. I am forever grateful for his keen eye, attention to detail, and ability to capture the pure emotion of the day through a camera lens. I will definitely be asking him to capture more of our lives special moments.

by Katie Davis

I've worked with Eugene on many occasions over the years and I can honestly say that he is one of the kindest and most gifted photographers I've met in this industry. Eugene's photos have a timeless quality, and I really appreciate that the branding session from 3 years ago is still usable as he doesn't adhere to trends, he does his own thing, and his usage of color is true to life. Whenever we are in a session Eugene gives great direction and his attention to detail and ability to make one feel at ease in front of the camera is amazing! I'm thankful for every opportunity I've had to be in front of Eugene's camera and I look forward to many more opportunities in the future!

by Taylor Seeberger

My wife Erin and I got married last October and were referred to Eugene by friends. He was absolutely wonderful to work with and we are so glad we hired him. The process starts well ahead of the big day with a "meet and greet". We sat down with Eugene and knew right away we had made the right choice. He was a warm friendly person who was genuinely interested in learning about you as a couple. The next meeting is a simple planning for the day session (logistics, how will we shoot, etc...). This really ensured a smooth and efficient process on the day of the wedding. At the venue, Rugene came through again. Everyone in the wedding party loved working with him. He is able to make the process enjoyable for a wide variety of personalities. During the festivities Eugene and his team felt like part of our group of friends and family. When the pictures came we were thrilled. They just popped, he really knows how to set up perfect shots. His style is to capture "moments", which is the perfect way to re-live the wedding. Bottom line, I look at the pictures on my desk at work everyday and smile. Eugene and his team are professional, courteous and masters of what they do. Both my wife and I would absolutely recommend him to any couples.

"You have captured their special day with all the romance and fun for all of us as family and friends. Your pictures caught the essence of them and the kind of day they planned and wished for.

"Just thank-you for your gift to them and us as family. I love all of your wedding and engagement pics of our kids. Hugs and kisses!"

"Thanks for making my daughter's wedding so special, love your work."

"I love your art work!! You are so great with the camera! I have had so many compliments on our pictures! Thank you for helping Tim and I make this time in our lives happy and forever memorable!"

"You did such a great job at my grandaughters wedding. Thank you"

"Can I just say...I discovered you through Andrew and Corinas posts about their shoot with you, and I absolutely looooove your work. I'm in a state of awe right now because I love it so much. I'm an aspiring photographer and I'm still in the early stages and I've seen many great local photographers work, but yours, by far, inspires me most."

"Your work always inspires me so much! I love looking at your photos every time you post a new shoot :)"

"Seriously gorgeous pictures! We couldn't be happier with our wedding pictures. You have some seriously amazing, creative candid photography skills :) Yeah! You have truly blessed both Travis and I with your talent. God is good :) Thanks Eugene."

"Amazing my friend. Made my miss my hubby but they are beautiful in every way possible, and I can't wait to have some framed for our room. You have a magical way of capturing people- regardless if we were sitting on a log after dusk in the middle of a sticker bush field... it still had a sweet moment ad you got it on camera. Thank you! and come spring I will be booking a family session with you. I would love to see how you see our son... lol. He is a funny little booger."

"I teared up all throughout these, but I lost it when I saw the last one...I LOVE the pole picture. Yay Eugene!!! Thank you!! They are lovely and wonderful"

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