Ever since I first picked up a camera I had a dream of having my photos in a magazine. Never once did the thought of my photo being on the cover cross my mind. Today I walked out of Safeway with the September issue of 1859 Oregon’s Magazine with my photo as the cover. It’s truly one of the coolest things that has happened in my career thus far. Super humbled and thankful to all my friends and family who believe and support me. To my amazing clients who stand by me through the trends and “filters” of photography – thank you. If you love Oregon and all the stuff our state offers and holds dear – pick this issue up! Tricia Louvar did an amazing job writing this story about bee keeping in Oregon. It’s a must-read. You can pick up an issue everywhere books and magazines are sold – better yet: subscribe to it! Read about awesome things going on in our state and the photography ain’t bad :) https://www.1859oregonmagazine.com/

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