I think it’s very important for wedding photos to NOT be the last time a couple gets their photos taken in a intimate and romantic way (such as engagement/wedding pictures).

We went to the Oregon coast and had a great time!
Here are some of my favorites:

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  1. This are amazing photos! I love how you used the rocks for frame work. Absolutely beautiful! Alla, your husband has an amazing eye! Beautiful!

  2. Eugene these pics are beautiful! I tried to pick out my favorite but couldn’t pick just one. You did an amazing job!

  3. An unforgettable weekend, great friends, outstanding photos, and a song that was created with so much passion. Gotta have a waffle now. Thanks buddy.

  4. Eugene our pictures are Absolutly Amazing!!! Thankyou so much! Everything about that day was perfect!!! We had so much fun posing for those pictures, u n Alla are amazing people. We are so blessed to have u guys as friends!!! Thankyou so much!!!


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