Last week I had an incredible opportunity to shoot with Oregon Bride Magazine! It was as last notice as last notice gets :) I received a call on Thursday around 11:15am…to shoot at 9am in Portland the next day :) Keep in mind that I work a Mon-Fri 6:45am-3:45pm ha ha! So after my co-worker graciously gave up her day-off so that I could go shoot (thank you Roberta!!) I was able to make it happen. I had an absolute blast meeting the ladies from the magazine and worked with the best make-up artist I’ve ever met! We also had awesome dresses by a great designer. Everything was just amazing!

Magazine: Oregon Bride Magazine
Dresses: AniA Collection
Make Up: Citizens of Beauty (Kendra Stanton)
Location: RiverPlace Hotel

Here are some of my favorite shots:

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