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We had an incredible time shooting Ponderosa and Thyme’s Katie Davis and Katie Stewart. Shooting this was an absolute delight thanks to all the wonderful people involved. Everyone came together not even as a team of vendors but as friends.

Huge thanks to Brittany Cox who gave us all a platform to work on and display our talents. Thank you for believing in all of us enough to give us a boost. I personally will always be thankful for your help and support.

Thank you to Mark Davis for providing us with food, coffee and assistance. From set up to clean up to hauling boiling hot water down a hill for us you were a tremendous blessing my friend. Mark also teaches piano – so if you’re in the market for a piano teacher – contact him. I’ve played with Mark many times and he is an incredible musician.

Thank you to Michelle Fahlgren of Michelle Fahlgren Photography for assisting me. Your help was so great and really made things go very smoothly. Check out her photography page if you love seeing great photos and show her some love!

I’d also like to thank Beth Level of Blush Makeup Artistry by Beth Level for the incredible makeup. A photographers job is exponentially easier when there’s a talented makeup artist on board. It was my first time working with Beth and it’s definitely not my last. Not only is she a great artist – she’s a great person who stuck around the entire day with us making sure everyone looked stunning.

Another thank you to Bryon and Ashley of StarLight Films. They were the video team working along side us. Any professional wedding photographer can tell you that the video team either makes or breaks your day when you’re shooting. Usually the feeling is mutual and hostile. However, there are glimpses of hope and awesomeness. Starlight Films is one of those. These guys are genuinely good people. In everything we did – the goal was that everyone got the shots they needed. No one stepped on anyone’s toes, we worked together beautifully. I’m truly thankful that they were part of this. Not many video teams and photographers can work together in harmony all day!

Next I’d like to thank our beautiful models Priscilla and Michael. To not be models at all and to be asked to do such a shoot took courage and a keen ability to take direction. These two were attentive, patient and up for anything we had for them. Thank you guys so much! You made the day just as much as anyone else!

Next thank you goes to Katie and Katie of Ponderosa and Thyme…or Davis and Stewart as I called them during our shoot. What you guys do is awe inspiring. Not many people have the natural eye to style things or create beautiful floral arrangements on the spot. To work on your own time and at your own pace is one thing – but to be asked to create on the spot as a whole team of creative people wait and watch you is something else. You guys totally deserve this opportunity and I can’t wait to see where your careers go! This image “really captures how I want my clients to feel…” said Katie Davis tearfully. The passion these two have and the amount of heart they put in every single project they work on is absolutely amazing and something that is often missing in the marketplace today.

Last but definitely not least I’d like to thank by beautiful wife Alla. Without her support and help during the shoot – things would have been hectic and much more difficult. Thank you so much for being there for me, helping me and being the best wife a man could ask for. I love you baby.

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