travis | jocelyn

i was quite nervous for this shoot because it was my first time meeting travis and jocelyn. before then, we only communicated by e-mail. i was definitely pleasantly surprised once we met. the shoot started off with travis being a bit nervous; however after a few “that’s what she said” jokes everyone was relaxed and having fun! (thank you michael scott from the office) with a beautiful sunset we walked around a park in albany oregon hanging out, talking and taking photos. we all had a great time and i can’t wait for your big day in september guys!

here are some of my favorite shots, enjoy:

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    1. Thank you! If you’d like to order a print, shoot me an email of the photo and size! :)

  1. omgoodness i love every single one of them they are all so amazin you did a great job:) love ya joc joc and travis<3

  2. Better than I ever could have expected! I don’t know how you did it, but you actually made me feel beautiful! Travis and I look so in love, sigh… So romantic, until you remember what jokes we were laughing at… Thanks Eugene, you’re brilliant :)


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