One of my favorite restaurants hosted a Russian Dinner and invited me to shoot. I was honored. Chef Matt created an amazing tasting menu of classic and old-time Russian dishes. It was one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. Yes, I know I say that often but truly…it was. I added the notes I took while enjoying the dinner with some of the photos. Enjoy!

The team working hard to serve 70+ guests that night.

Vodka IN ice. Russian way to begin a meal :)

Caviar –
Yellow-mild-easy, light taste

Carrot salad-spicy/sweet not as acidic as traditional carrot salad. Really good.
Assorted meats- traditional and tasty. Excellent way to start your taste buds.
Smoked salmon – excellent. Not too smokey.

Stroganoff sauce, chicken Kiev with quail.
Excellent taste, quail cooked perfectly.

Deviled egg. Uruguayan osetra caviar, egg yolk mousse, chopped egg whites, chive sour cream at the bottom. Mind-blowing. Some of the best caviar I’ve ever had. I want a dozen of these.

Ukrainian borscht and piroshki-still has all the flavor of authentic Ukrainian borscht but needs no chewing. Just like a latte. Piroshki – flaky with a delicious cabbage filling. The beautifully refined classic Ukrainian

Coulibiac- the pastry is very buttery and flaky. The sauce was excellent mushroom taste that complement rest of the dish perfectly. Salmon taste very fresh and rice is cooked perfectly though

Grilled wild pork chop-served with buckwheat. Excellent sear. Perfect vegetables – sweet and the beet sauce paired perfectly.

Sirniki-lingonberries. Extremely classic and perfectly prepared

Excellent dessert! Fresh strawberries, white chocolate and gold leaf

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